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If you had a timer;

timing and tracking everything you do in your business, how well do you think you'd do getting your business in front of the people who will pay you daily?









Do you want to Market Efficiently, Skyrocket Your SalesGrow Your Business To That Desired Vision You Have?

then you must Dig Deeper Into Marketing to Unlock the doors that not only puts your business in front of the right people but also ensures you have the right systems in place to save you time and resources.


  • You rarely make sales, because your product is expensive due to the quality so it requires a lot of compelling for some people to buy from you. 

  • You've tried to enter new markets, and get wholesalers and distributors for your products so you can increase your sales but it seems impossible because you do not know how to 

  • You have a physical shop, but things are not moving as you want, and you've heard that the new oil money is to sell online, so you brought your business online hoping to tap into that oil money. However, it’s not been working out for you like you thought and now things are becoming frustrating

  • You've invested in advertising severally yet sales are not coming consistently like you hope - now you're stuck because you do not know what else to do to market your business aside from ads or how to go about getting the most efficient results.


As a one-man business trying to do it all by yourself and having to juggle everything alone, it gets tiring sometimes and this makes you become inconsistent and want to give up on selling your products. 

You struggle to create relatable content that connects with your followers emotionally and you're always body conscious, the fear of rejection really makes you panic even when you know products are of topnotch quality, so you try not to make sell your product so you don't seem salesy

You've had to put your business on hold to get a job because sales are not consistent as you want it to be and it is frustrating trying to keep up with business this way. 

People love your product and what you do, but you struggle to get booked as much as you want to. 


  • You've taken several classes in the past but they didn't yield any results so now you're afraid to learn more or even pay for anything else so you're stuck between giving up or keep trying on your own hoping for a miracle

  • You're afraid of taking another course that is not practical with realistic strategies and may not have available course materials to help fast-track and make implementation easier

  • You're afraid of paying for more courses or coaching with coaches who probably never owned a business before but just teach the theory of what they learned somewhere

  • You're afraid of losing money in trial and error without finding a strategy that would work for your kind of business 



You want to be able to make recurring 6, 7 to 8 figures in your business without having to think daily about where the next sales are coming from because you know exactly what to do and how to do it. 

You want to be able to sell organically to your audience without having to depend 100% on advertising or running weekly/monthly discount sales or even having to compromise your pricing just so that you can sell. 

You want to be able to market your product and attract wholesalers and break into new markets where you can consistently sell your products without you having to do too much. 

You want to be able to devise new ways to collaborate and expand your reach and increase your revenue and know how to leverage social media to sell your products/services. 

You want to be able to increase the number of people that shows interest in your products daily and also understand how to efficiently turn those interest into sales.

You want to understand how you can hold on to and leverage past customers to buy from you so that you do not have to look for new customers every time 

You want to be able to create content that not only sells your product but that helps your audience connect with you and also helps them see the value you provide them through storytelling. 

You want to skyrocket your sales but you still believe that marketing is all about posting online, focusing on quick fixes and jumping from one strategy to another withouy proper understanding of your audience and what works best for them.


I'm Treasure Ernest Iyoha

With over 8 years of experience as a marketing consultant, I have had the privilege of working with esteemed corporate organizations, renowned brands, and businesses across Nigeria, Ghana, the UK, the USA, Cameroon, and more. 

Through these ventures, I have gained invaluable insights into what truly works in the world of marketing and what is simply fluff. 

I have not only observed from the sidelines but have been deep in the trenches of product-based businesses.

In fact, I have experienced both failure and success firsthand, with two of my ventures becoming successful in Ghana (food and perfume businesses).

Now, as I run my own knowledge-based business, I understand what it takes to navigate the intricate world of entrepreneurship. 

I am not here to guess or provide empty promises. I can confidently tell you what will work and what won't. I am committed to sharing practical strategies that will bring in the money and establish consistent systems for your success.

Those who know me, including my community members, can attest that I am impact-oriented. I strongly believe in women's empowerment and fostering businesses that shape generations. 

Marketing became an integral part of my life journey at the age of 19 when I landed my first job as a marketing executive in Ghana. I was not born a marketer; I became one through experience and dedication. 

Today, I live, eat, breathe, and talk marketing. Through my journey, I have come to realize that marketing is not reserved for a particular personality or gender. 

It is a skill that anyone can learn and master with practice, learning from mistakes, and a commitment to continuous growth.

My work has also been recognized by renowed brands and organizations.

I have trained over 10,000 Business owners and trained for global organizations like GIZ, Sabi Hub.

I was nominated as Most exceptional Sales & Marketing Coach by TEWA, Recognized by She Leads Africa as Top 50 Rising Motherland Moguls, Featured on Bella Naija, Featured on This Day & Business Day, as Top 100 Women SME to Shape The Future in Business Nigeria, Awarded Most Innovative Entrepreneur by Popular Naijabrandchick.

So, there's no other person better to show you how to make your marketing work for your business and also help you not just to SKYROCKET YOUR SALES but also help you ACHIEVE CUSTOMER LOYALTY than someone who has been there and not just sharing what I have learned from a course or a book.

I understand that you've tried it all and that you're no longer interested in trying anything else.



  • If you give up right now, will you say you've really done all that you could to ensure that you were able to increase your sales, profit and grow your business?

  • If you had to look back a year or 2 or maybe few months from now, will you say you made the right decision when you could have at least taken this chance on yourself BY allowing me show you how I not only did it for myself but also for others who I have trained and worked with?

  • If you take this chance on yourself and business today, what do you stand to lose compared to if you do not take that chance right now and right here?

  • Maybe, this is the turning point you've been looking for that will help turn around not just your sales and profits but also how you run your business and nurture relation with customers. ARE YOU GOING TO LET THIS GO? 



Then I Created The: Mastering Marketing For Profit (MMP) Program; JUST FOR YOU

With MMP, I am promising you that you will be able to skyrocket your sales and make consistent profits.

I will help you gain clarity on your business model, your brand positioning, equip you with all the marketing knowledge/tools you need to steadily cash out from your business. I’m talking about a system that assures you of consistent income for your business, without having to do EVERYTHING you see others doing online 

MMP is not another class you take on marketing to learn about tactics you can deploy based on what other people are doing.


If you are looking for Practical & Results!!

MMP is a result-guaranteed, impact-driven, and practical program where you learn from a seasoned marketing expert the timeless marketing techniques the top 1% of product and service business owners use to make consistent sales. 

With these techniques, you're guaranteed to get recurring and be able to skyrocket your sales

Skyrocket Your Revenue & More!!!

Why Take the MMP program?: All that you need to sky rocket your sales is in the program, all you need to do is to implement and you’re guaranteed maximum results, as much results you want, as much as your eyes can see, as much as you desire, if you’re ready to really work with me then you will be able to achieve.

Also, with MMP, You will no longer make SALES once in a while like you used to but will make SALES consistently and recurrently.



Help SKYROCKET YOUR SALES, GROW YOUR PROFIT, help you achieve RECURRING AND CONSISTENT SALES and BUILD CUSTOMER LOYALTY when you register for the “Mastering Marketing For Profits” Program today

Fundamentals of marketing 

The first reason many businesses fail and maybe why yours is at the state where it is right now, is because they do not first understand the fundamentals of marketing and all the things that needs to be in place in your business for your marketing efforts to work or yield consistent results.

In this module, we will Uncover the basic foundations to ensure your business pillars are grounded. Learn how to create a winning business model, customer segmentation, and all the basics you need to kick off and set up a winning business and make sure your marketing efforts yeild repeatable results.

Promotional Marketing

So many businesses and maybe you think posting on social media is all there is to marketing or when running a sale online.

So, what you do is; post, hustle for engagement and pray that people will find you when you strategically comment in places where your ideal audience can find you.

WHILE THIS WORKS; Marketing is not a one-way sword but a two edge sword which means, in order to achieve repeatable and consistent results you need to be able to utilize strategies that are tailored to help drive results depending on what you're trying to promote or sell.

That is why In this module, I will be showing you different strategies and tactics you can deploy during your sales to drive interest and buying decisions of your products/services.

I will also show you new marketing and sales channels you can leverage to increase your reach, grow your revenue and skyrocket your sales.

Creating a marketing strategy 

You post but your audience do not seem to get you, or maybe you do not know what else to post even though you've heard severally from coaches and experts that you should not only post "COME AND BUY" or maybe you struggle to communicate the value of your product or service effectively to your audience, then in this module, you will learn how to go into the market with a strategy that stands you out whether you're in a new or saturated market so you do not set yourself up to lose money and be frustrated in the long term. 

You will learn what strategy works for your kind of business because Not every strategy is for your business and your unique business model. 

You will also learn how to create strategies that will help you 10x your revenue and enable business growth 

Market research

Want to know a shocker?

One of the many reasons why you seem to not know what to do or why you feel stuck and keep getting resistance from your audience is because you do not even understand the market you're dealing in, or what problems your audience really ant to solve so you do guess work and trial and error hoping that your next strategy works for you


REMEMBER THIS; A winning strategy is backed up by stellar research of your market and an understanding of your customers are, what they want and how they want it. THAT IS WHEN YOU CAN TRULY CONNECT WITH THEM.

That is why; In this module, you will be equipped with how to understand the minds of your customers, how they think, what they want, and how they want it so that you can easily win them over. 

You will also learn how to make effective and accurate market research to ensure customer satisfaction, business sustainability, and consistent income even in a volatile economy.

Marketing funnels 

Not everybody has the luxury of time to always be 100% involved in their businesses and maybe you've been feeling frustrated because there's just so much to do and you do not know how to setup marketing funnels that not only saves you time and create space for you do other things in your business but also that helps you map out a journey for your audience to help them easily make a buying decision.

That is why; In this module, you will understand and Learn how to set up and plan your potential customers' buying journey, to get them from strangers and followers to buyers. 

You will understand What to do to get the traffic, how to nurture and convert these people to paying customers and how to build systems to automate these processes.

Content marketing

Content they say is KING but content that is not impactful will be a servant to low results from your online marketing efforts.

So, if you want to connect with your audience, it starts with your content

If you want to sell to them - it also starts with your content

The only way people can see and want to buy from you is through your content first.

One of the best ways to win online without spending so much on ad spend is when you can effectively market with your content.

If you do not first crack the content code and be able to organically sell your products/service to your audience, then no amount of money pumped into advertising can save you.

Especially now that there’s a law with advertisements in Nigeria, you don’t want to rely absolutely on running ads to avoid issues, you must ensure you have your content game on point.

In this module, you will be equipped with the tools and resources to help you create an effective content marketing strategy to sell your products/services.

Handling cold customers 

Many people believe marketing is all about running ads, posting or showing up consistently, and that is why when customers come to buy from you, you do not know what to do or how to give them a great experience that will turn them into loyal evangelists.

So, in this module, I will not only be showing you how to get in front of many people and attract them, but I will also show you the techniques to deploy when handling prospective customers to help them make a buying decision easier and more quickly and provide them with a great customer experience that will turn them into repeat buyers. 

Customer Acquisition & Retaining 

Getting customers is one thing, retaining customers is another. A business that wants to thrive needs both and that is why in this module, you will learn how to not just get new customers but also how to make existing customers come back to buy from you again and again as well as how to get them to refer you to more people without incurring any extra marketing costs.

In this module, I will go in-depth into strategies and tactics you can deploy to bring back existing customers and get them to even want to refer your brand to anyone who cares to listen.

Instagram Marketing Blueprint

Instagram can work for you but it can also work against you. It all depends on how you use it and with my over 8 years of experience in marketing I know for a fact that what many people are doing on Instagram calling it marketing isn't marketing.

So many businesses do not even use Instagram as much as they should because first of all they do not even know to what capacity that app can help improve their sales and that is why it is just easy for you to say 'The Algorithm is against you'

Some people also believe that you need to have lots of followers to be able to build trust and get people to buy from you.

I CAN'T RELATE and that is why In this module, you will learn everything you need to ensure that your Instagram is serving as a source for leads, conversions, and sales.

Basically, you will be equipped with how to effectively leverage Instagram as a tool to market and sell your products and services.

Business Automations

Marketing can be hard sometimes especially when you're trying to do it all by yourself without any systems in place to help reduce the work load while increasing efficiency and result.

That is why in this module, I will be giving you access to a list of important automations that can make marketing easy for your business.

If you've been struggling to be consistent in your business because you have so much to do or because you find it hard to joggle between your 9-5 and your business, then this module will help solve this problem and equip you with how you can setup automations for your business, leverage AI to make your work easier and faster and ultimately save you time and resources.

Marketing with your personal brand 

In this module, you will learn how to build a personal brand around your business so that you can foster more trust and build connections with your audience and ultimately drive sales. 

Remember they say; "people buy from people they know, like, and trust"

And people can only know, like, and trust you when you also incorporate personal branding into your business and let them understand that your business is run by a human like them as well.

In this module, I will also show you how you can position your personal brand in a way that you will be an influence on your audience and also attract brand deals and recognition.

DM Marketing

Finally, in this module, you will understand how to close sales. Nothing is more terrifying than getting in front of all of these people, attracting them to your business and not being able to close them during conversations.

That is a total disaster and for many people, this is where they flush all of their marketing efforts down the drain just because they couldn't and don't understand how to close customers and prospective customers in the DM. 

Total Value: N500,000

Early Access: N64,530




You also get free access to all of these 3 BONUSES when you REGISTER FOR MMP Right now!

WhatsApp Advantage

Financial Planning For your Business

Daily Cashout With Digital Products

 Total Value: N50,000

I can give away all of these for N550,000 If I want to and it will still not be enough to match the value you will be getting from this program. 

But because I want to be able to serve as many people as I possibly can and help them get out of the rat chase where they are struggling to sell and be relevant online, I won't even be charging you half of this for this program. 


So, No matter the stage you're in business

  • If you're already making 6,7,8, figures then be ready to skyrocket your sales and make 5X of what you used to consistently and not something you will make once in a while

  • If you've never made any sales in your business before and you've been laughed at or mocked by people if you're really running a business, then be ready to make you first 6,7 figures and GUESS WHAT? - This won't be a one time thing, with MMP, you will make this consistently

  • If you've been losing sales and customers before now, then you're in for a ride because MMP is designed just for you to help you reduce resistance from customers, build and increase customer loyalty

  • If you've been making sales but do not see your profits, then here's a chance for you to change that by getting into MMP right now because inside MMP, you will not just learn how to sell and get in front of the right people but also how to make sure you're making profits.


  • Fundamentals of marketing 

  • Value (N33,000)

  • Promotional Marketing

  • Value (N40,000)

  • Creating a marketing strategy 

  • Value (N45,000)

  • Market research

  • Value (N35,000)

  • Marketing funnels 

  • Value (N47,000)

  • Content marketing

  • Value (N55,000)

  • Handling cold customers 

  • Value (N23,000)

  • Customer Acquisition & Retaining 

  • Value (N37,000)

  • Instagram Marketing Blueprint

  • Value (N39,000)

  • Business Automations

  • Value (N49,000)

  • Marketing with your personal brand 

  • Value (N54,000)

  • DM Marketing

  • Value (N43,000)


  • Value (N50,000)

    Total Value: N550,000

    Regular Price: N83,250

    Early Access: N64,530


    Here's what people are saying about working with and learning from me


    So How Much Is The MMP Program?

    Early Access Fee Expires In:









    Online Course Only



    You will get access to everything in the online program and go through them at your own pace and implement to get the result
    You will also Get access to a Live QnA with Coach Treasure to answer all questions, and technical support
    Price: N83,250
    Early Access Fee: N64,530

    Online Course and Group Coaching


    Pay Now

    You will get access to everything in the online program and also access to seasoned coaches that will walk you through the implementation process and get results 2X faster
    Price: N124,850
    Early Access Fee: N95,730

    Online course + Group Coaching + One-on-one coaching


    Pay Now

    10 Slots Only
    You will get access to everything in the online program and also access to seasoned coaches that will walk you through the implementation process and get results 2X faster. 
    In addition to this, you will get access to me for a 1:1 session where I will go over your processes and work with you to achieve results 5X faster
    Price: N260,000
    Early Access Fee: N207,000


    Who Should Register for the MMP Program?


  • You're a product business owner and you're tired of struggling before you can sell out your products and also make consistent profits to fund your business activities and life. 

  • You're a coach or service provider helping product businesses with their marketing and sales processes and activities, having a hard time helping them get sustainable results and you've been feeling like a fraud lately because your customers and clients are not getting the results desired.

  • Questions You Might Have About The “Mastering Marketing For Profit” Program

    Is the program a Live or prerecorded class?

    If you pay for only the online course access, you will get immediate access to a pre-recorded class, where you can watch and learn at your own pace. This also gives you access to a one-time live Q&A session to ask any questions you may have, which you’ll also have access to anytime.

    If you pay for the online course & group coaching access, you will have access to the course to watch & learn at your own pace, but you also have accountability coaches who will push you toward implementation & guide you through any help you may need. This access level also gives you access to weekly marketing prompts and 2 check-in live calls with the lead coach. 

    If you pay for the online course, group coaching & one on one coaching access, you will have access to all the above, together with personal access to the lead coach for one on one sessions for personalized strategy & implementation.

    How long do I have access to the course?

    When you register for the mastering marketing for profits program, you will have a 4-year access to the course as soon as you pay for any of the access levels

    Can I pay in installments?

    Yes, you can pay in 2 to 4 installments with no interest. So long as you finish paying on or before July 28th. 

    Just click on the button under any of the access levels you would like to pay for and select the type of installment you want to pay.

    Will I understand just the online course?

    Yes, each module is broken down into micro parts that you can watch bit by bit, without feeling overwhelmed or like you’ve been given too much information at the same time.

    The aim is to make the modules very simple, very straightforward as well as practical, and easy to implement

    Is there a guide on how to implement whatever I learn?

    Yes, you will have tasks & next steps you can take after each module so that you can easily see the practical side of what you learn.

    Everything will be broken down into practical steps to take after each learning.

    Who can take this program?

    Product-based business owners ready to overcome struggles with marketing, visibility & sales. 

    Knowledge-based business owners who want to understand the in and out of marketing, to launch any campaign and keep winning for themselves, and teach other business owners.

    What if I have not yet started my business? Can I take this program?

    The best time to learn this is before you start your business. Unlike others who have made mistakes, spent money, time, and resources doing the wrong things, or things that will only give short-term results, by taking MMP now, you get the chance to be adequately prepared for your business journey, as marketing is fundamental to your business growth. So why don’t you take this chance?

    I am struggling with the price of this program, can I get a discount?

    If I told you I want to show you how to make your next million, and all you’re spending is 5k or 10k, will you take me seriously?

    Will you not think I am trying to run a Ponzi scheme on you, and I probably do not have an idea what I am talking about? In your business journey, one of the bitter truths you’ll realize is that your business is dead without marketing, it is the life of your business growth.

    If you want to win in business And learn work, then you have to understand that proper marketing is not cheap. Cheap tactics may effectively get you results for a short time but how long will that last?

    Plus, I am giving this all away for a price that I believe is fair and to be honest; I feel cheated but I do not mind that as long as you get results.  So, as much as this seems big today for you, it is actually too small for the future your business deserves.


  • Fundamentals of marketing 

  • Value (N33,000)

  • Promotional Marketing

  • Value (N40,000)

  • Creating a marketing strategy 

  • Value (N45,000)

  • Market research

  • Value (N35,000)

  • Marketing funnels 

  • Value (N47,000)

  • Content marketing

  • Value (N55,000)

  • Handling cold customers 

  • Value (N23,000)

  • Customer Acquisition & Retaining 

  • Value (N37,000)

  • Instagram Marketing Blueprint

  • Value (N39,000)

  • Business Automations

  • Value (N49,000)

  • Marketing with your personal brand 

  • Value (N54,000)

  • DM Marketing

  • Value (N43,000)


  • Value (N50,000)

    Total Value: N550,000

    Regular Price: N83,250

    Early Access: N64,530

    Positive Results from students who have worked with and learned from me

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    I Give you my word and Money Back guaranteed; if you implement all that I will show you in the MMP program and you do not make back at least 5X of your investment money back.

    Plus, everything I am giving you here today is a steal given that my programs and training are PRACTICAL, THERAPEUTIC, SIMPLIFIED AND STRAIGHT TO THE POINT.


    The Sales Ville


    Still wondering if what I am about to share with you works?


    TL, DR? Here's Everything this page is all about

    If you scrolled down here and you do not know what this page is all about, let me fill you in real quick:

    I am offering to show you the timeless marketing techniques the top 1% of product businesses and knowledgepreneurs use to sell their products online and how you can also key into this to achieve a consistent increase in revenue, save time by leveraging automation through my program “Mastering Marketing For Profits” 

    And it doesn't matter what level you're in on your business growth Journey, there's so much this program will expose you to and because I really want to help you win and grow your online business, I have not only created a practical and result guaranteed program, I have also given you my word to give you back your investment if after going through the program and implementation process and you do not make at least 5X of your investment into the MMP.

    I have taken all the risks of your shoulders and placed them firmly on mine. So what's it going to be?

    Use the Button Below To Get the program based on any level of access of your choosing. 


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